After School Classes

After school classes at Spanish Schoolhouse campuses are for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. The goal of this program is to foster the love of the Spanish language in your child while at the same time work on vocabulary, pronunciation and whole language skills. Our program is designed to be interactive and captivating for your child. Studies show the more senses used when studying a subject, the greater the absorption of the material. Therefore, we will be playing games, listening to music, participating in hands on activities and working on basic Spanish language skills. Our goal is to give your child a love for the Spanish language as well as a strong base to grow on.

After School Class Activities

Our theme will guide our weekly activities. Your child will learn through creative and academic elements such as:

  • Stories
  • Spanish songs
  • Games
  • Cultural activities
  • Written worksheets/workbooks

Required Documents For After School

All forms must be completed and in your child’s file BEFORE attending school. Documents may be mailed, emailed, or brought to the school during regular business hours.

Child Admission Form

Our classes are open to children in kindergarten through 5th grade.

Tuition and Fees

If enrolling for 2 days/week, a 10% discount is available. Sibling discounts may also be available. Please call or email us to apply all applicable discounts before making your tuition payment.

After School FAQs

My child has not had any previous Spanish. Can they attend this class?

Yes! Our after-school program is an active, hands-on learning environment, where all students can join in the fun, regardless of their level of Spanish. Because it is an immersion class, our teachers dramatize and “act out” what they are saying, and use visual materials as cues. This helps ensure that students understand without translating.

How is the class taught?

Students may enroll for one or two classes per week. Each week has a theme and the two class days will have different activities based on the same theme. Students who attend both days will have extra reinforcement and practice without direct repetition. Each theme includes common vocabulary, verbs, and phrases. Conversation and whole language are emphasized!

Class activities include reading stories, acting out plays, participating in games and contests, singing Spanish songs, and more. A smaller, but important, portion of the class is based on reading and writing workbook exercises.

Do you allow make-up classes for missed days?

If a student attends one day per week, the option to attend a make-up class on an alternate day may be possible, provided there is space in the class. If the student attends two days per week, unfortunately, there is no way to make up missed classes. If class is canceled due to inclement weather, a make-up day will be offered.

How can I help reinforce what my child learns in class?

Parents receive an outline of the class curriculum which highlights the weekly themes, vocabulary, games, activities, and songs we work on in class. Ask your child to demonstrate these at home and try to use the new vocabulary words day to day!

In addition, we’re fortunate to live in an area with many opportunities for Spanish language exposure. Look for Spanish story times and activities at local libraries, try children’s programming on Spanish television networks, attend cultural events in the community, or explore the wide variety of Spanish learning websites and apps. See our Resources page for more ideas.